Obedience Training for family pet and hunting dog
Our obedience training is for pups over 6 months of age and up. Your dog or dogs must be house trained before they come to us. Your dog will be staying in our home. This part of ower training is based on all the basic commands of obedience. Working toward making your family pet a well behaved dog in your home and around town.

Things they will be learning Kennel / Crate training...Come/
Here... Sit/Stay... Heel...Leash work On and Off leash.... Intro to E collar....No Jumping....Fun Retrieves....No Barking...No Pulling.

A good obedience foundation is the key to a steady retriever and a good family member. We make sure we spend an adequate amount of time on basic obedience. Graduates from our obedience training program are well on their way to becoming model citizens, hunting partners and competition dogs. While your dog is with us they will will get trained twice a day. We also spend time with owners on how to reinforce these commands at home. For the hunting dogs....Introduce young pups or beginner dogs to clipped wings from pheasants,ducks and geese.
Introduction to light gun fire. We also teach good mouth habits. Once learned we transition these commands into our electronic collar conditioning program.

Things you will need to bring before we can take your dog.
Your dog will need a state or county Dog license. A copy of all shots records...up to date. Shots you will need are Rabies, Parvo and kennel cough! Your dog must be house trained. All vet visits are the responsibility of the owner. You must supply your dogs food
that is not included in our price. Heart worm and flea and tick treatments( if you use any). We can purchase your dogs food and add it to the monthly cost. All contact information for you and your veterinarian.

Randy Jones
Michelle Jones

Randy: 570-690-7472
Michelle: 570-690-0006
1013 Meeker Road Dallas PA 18612