This training program is more focused on all the necessary components to be a beginner gun dog or a junior hunt test competitor. Owners most remember that all retrievers mature and learn at different capacities. Your dogs drive, attitude and temperament also play a roll in this level of training. With this level of training we ask to have 3 to 5 months with your dog depending on the level of testing you would like to compete. This will allow us to give your dog a good understanding of what is expected of him or her during a hunt or a field trial or hunt test. Your dog should be capable of doing multiple marks land and water (out to 40 and 100 yards), reliably returning to heel, reliably delivering to hand and be introduced to sight blinds on land and water. And be introduced to handling / casting drills

Skills developed at this level:... Force fetch... Deliver to hand
... Single and doubles marks land and water... introduced to sight blinds...Introduced to casting drills... Proper heeling on both sides... scent trails...working on being steady at the line or in the blind....whistle control
(all depends on time allowed to train with us)

Dogs are exposed to all types of hunting situations and gear. Decoys, boats, gun fire, layout blinds, dog blinds, and birds (live birds are extra) After completing this program
your dog will be accustomed to flyers and advance toward being steady in the blind. If desired, dogs will be introduced to upland hunting situations, taught how to work cover in search of upland birds if desired . Once your dog advances through the obedience part of our training. We encourage owners to get involved during scheduled training sessions to get an understanding of how to handle their dog. The scheduled training sessions will be on the weekends so more time can be spent with handlers and their dogs. Once your dog returns home‚ we show you drills to continue his training and hunting partnership with you and your family. Their continued training will make them the best hunting or competition dog for you.

Things you will need to bring before we can take your dog.
Your dog will need a state or county Dog license. A copy of all shots records...up to date. Shots you will need are Rabies, Parvo and kennel cough. Your dog must be house trained. All vet visits are the responsibility of the owner. You must supply your dogs food
that is not included in our price. Heart worm and flea and tick treatments( if you use any). We can purchase your dogs food and add it to the monthly cost. All contact information for you and your veterinarian.

Saabi-Sil Retrievers is also available to handle clients dogs at a full schedule of Hunt Tests. If you would like us to handle your dog at hunt tests check our schedule for availability. Junior & Senior hunt tests (Master tests must call). Test Cost, Gas, food, hotel a travel expenses are to be covered by dog owners. We try to have multiple dogs going to the same tests so some cost can be shared.

Things you will need to bring before we can take your dog to a unt test.
A copy of all shots records...up to date for crossing over state lines. Your dogs food is extra not included in our price. We can purchase it your dogs food or you can supply the food to use. All contact information for you and your veterinarian.

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