Wicked doing what he loves

Some hunt test success

Group training days

One on one training sessions

Water work for a young trainee

Starting them young on training days

Michelle during a demonstration seminar

Train to build drive and desire

Saabi Sils Something Wicked MH

Cadence and Wicked after a fall hunt

Cadence proud of her work

Trainee Willy intensely waiting on some geese

Trainee Macy and Cadence duck opener

Quick morning hunt
Cadence Wicked Zippie Tikka and Missile

Successful late season smack down

Great early season hunt

Cadence after a great pheasant hunt

One of our summer open training days

The Opener Tv Show goose hunt

Some tired puppies

Trainee on his first pheasant hunt

Wicked Intensely watching a downed goose

Some one on one training with clients

Saabi Sils Wreaking Wicked Havoc
On his first goose hunt

Great fall weekend in 2013. Cadence earned one more master pass toward her title, Wicked eared his master title.

2013 hunt test. Wicked’s Master pass with his two sons.Left Fiyero with junior pass. Tank to his right with junior title. Missile on the end at 7 months old and her junior title

Wicked was the winner of a Pennsylvania
Gun Dog fun Trial flusing Division

Great weekend. All the hard work paid off.
Cadence senior titled and Wicked has his third pass.
June 19 2011

Cadence left with 1 master pass. Wick
right with his senior title.
Sept 10th 2011

Michelle & Cadence's with their
junior title ribbons August
2009 at 1 year and 3 months

Saabi-Sil's Something Wicked
Doing a water retrieve

Training day intro to waterfowl
hunting set up for trainee Duke

The gang
( Cadence-Saabi-Silo-Wicked)
after a 2010 hunt

Saabi with mine and his first
Pintail Jan 2010

Randy running an AKC Master
hunt test

Cadence at only six months old

Wicked with his master ribbons

Saabi Sil"s Something Wicked training.

One of Cadence and Wicked's son Tank

Silo's pup Tuesday / owned by
Jason Mocyk with
her first goose. Sept 2010

Tuesday with some more early
season geese Sept
She's turned into a hunting dog.

Mark with his Saabi Sil Pup
Tank on a summer training day

Saabi the snowman

Cadence running in her second
Senior hunt test 2010

Terra Posing again

My nephew & I with his first
ringnecks. November of 08

Titled 2 dogs Silo left got her Junior title
Saabi on right Senior titled.

Sabbi driving out after the bird

Proud owner Jason Mocyk with his Saabi-Sil Pup ...Tuesday and her
first duck 2010

Myself and Uncle after a Pheasant hunting
with the whole gang
Terra,Saabi,Hunter & Silo

Silo - Saabi and Terra three good friends

Silo in the fall colors

Cadence - I have a belly ache I think I ate to much

Cadence at 9 weeks old

Cadence after a hard training day

Terra sun bathing

Saabi's Senior title ribbons

Pheasant hunting with my buddies

Saabi in the blind

Good dogs

The whole gang summer of 2009

Cadence after a morning hunt 2009.

Silo after a Pheasant hunt Ringneck

Saabi's Junior title ribbons

Terra and her hen Pheasant

Cadence's @ 10 weeks old

Cadence with her first wild duck Dec of 2009

Saabi and his first geese

Jerry and Maverick friends of ours during
a summer trainning day

Silo,Wicked,Cadence and
Saabi Fall of 2010



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