Randy is an exceptional trainer and handler. He really puts in the time and patience needed to develop a young dog into a reliable hunting companion. We purchased two pups and sent them to a well-respected trainer for three months. When the dogs came home they were barely force fetched‚ collar conditioned and most worrisome was the lack of interest they showed in retrieving.

Disheartened, we contacted our dog’s breeder who recommended that we see Randy for gun dog training. Within a few months, our dogs were not only force fetched and collar conditioned but were running long marked retrieves and casting drills with a newfound enthusiasm. I’d recommend Randy to anyone looking for gun dog training." Thanks Randy and Michelle, Moose and Partner say hi!


The Christian Family

Out of all the trainers that populate when you search for a "gun dog trainer" online, somehow I was lucky enough to come across Saabi-Sil. Before I had even decided on a dog or was a client, I was already picking Randy’s brain and asking questions. Without hesitation Randy answered question after question. Once I bought my chocolate lab, Randy gave me tips on how to continuously build his drive until he was old enough to start his official training with him and his wife, Michelle, at Saabi-Sil.
Dropping off our boy, Chip, was a little concerning. It’s scary to essentially hand over your 6 month old "baby" to a stranger, but after spending about an hour or two talking with Randy about the process and his training program, I felt more at ease. It was evident that Randy had a passion for training and wasn’t just in it to make a buck like some trainers. When Randy and Michelle say they take your dog in like one of their own, they truly mean it. Not only are the dogs kept inside their home, but Randy also told us that he allows the dogs some time each day to be with his family and to just be a dog. Chip had a few minor health issues (allergies and an infected tooth) during his 3 months at training, and Randy was constantly keeping me informed of his status and what was going on. Not only was he keeping me informed about Chip’s health, but he was also posting pictures of Chip’s progress on Facebook during all of his training sessions. This allowed myself and my family to feel like we were still involved in Chip’s life and training, even with him being away from home.
The fact that Randy invites you to come and train with your dog as often as you desire says a great deal about his program. Not only was Randy training Chip. But he and Michelle also took the time to train myself, my wife, and our two young children on how to run our dog. Having the ability to train with Chip during those 3 months made the transition home seamless. In fact, the day I brought him home, I took him out for an evening Wood Duck hunt where he had 5 successful retrieves. Ever since Chip’s return home from his initial 3 months of training, Randy has been just a phone call or text away. He has answered every training question I’ve had, and he continues to offer additional training sessions for Chip and I any time we want to make the trip out to see him.
We couldn’t have been more pleased with what Randy and Michelle did with Chip. It all payed off when I watched my 10 month old Chocolate go 120 yards through a swamp for a crippled "Woodie" and bring it back like he had been doing it for years.

Thanks again for everything, Saabi-Sil. The Quimby’s

Byron and Tracy Almekinder

In the summer of 2014, after buying a house I was looking to get my family a dog. My search led me to Saabi Sil’s retrievers. I called and spoke to Randy after asking some questions he decided we were a match to have one of Wicked and Cadence’s puppies. Then at the end of 2016 I gave Randy a call again with some questions about allergies. During the conversation I mentioned some issues we were having with obedience and Randy suggested we bring Zoey, our almost 2 year old lab to him for training. Reluctantly we dropped her off for a month. Randy asked what our expectations were and we explained that we needed her to stop counter surfing, and we needed to be able to take her out to do her business without feeling like we were going to dislocate a shoulder.

After about 3 weeks we gave Randy a call to ask how her progress was going and he told us Zoey was doing well but he needed some more time. A few weeks later we got the call that we could come pick up our Zoey. To be honest my expectations were not that high. I didn’t believe anyone could train a dog in a month, let alone fix all the bad behaviors we let go. When we got there and he brought Zoey out without a leash and she didn’t take off for the hills I was impressed to say the least. When he taught us how to handle her and use her new commands I thought this is great but when we get her home there is no way she is going to keep up the good behavior. Its now over 6 months later and I can’t tell you the last time we used a leash. As our family and friends say, its hard to believe she is the same dog. She no longer jumps on guests when they come in the house. She leaves food alone on the counter. She is a well behaved member of the family.

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Randy Jones and Saabi-Sil Retrievers.

Randy and his wife, Michelle, run a top-notch training facility that considers the needs of both the owner and the dog. Randy and Michelle open their home to the dogs they train, making them feel like part of the family. It was by pure luck that I came across Randy online and I couldn’t be happier. As a first time dog owner, I was extremely apprehensive of turning Ruger, my two-year-old chocolate lab, over to a total stranger for training. Randy answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease right from the beginning.

Originally, I was only sending Ruger for two months of training but was so impressed with his progress after the first month that I decided to keep him in training for the full three months, as recommended by Randy. Ruger’s weekly progress was amazing. Randy is an excellent trainer for both dog and owner and knows how to get the most out of the dogs he trains. His patience and consistent reinforcement during lessons is truly exceptional and made for a positive experience for all. I also found it very beneficial to be able to train with Randy alongside Ruger. It has made our training at home very successful.

I highly recommend Randy Jones and Sabbi-Sil Retrievers and plan to use them for all my future dog training needs. Randy’s passion and knowledge show through in the results and I am truly pleased with Ruger’s, both in the field and at home. Thank you again Randy, Michelle, and Saabi-Sil Retrievers for your love of dogs and your amazing training of Ruger! I look forward to working with you again and perhaps someday sharing a blind with you.

Michael and Heidi Berrettini

I had my black lab Bailey with Randy for 3 months for waterfowl training. Bailey has a very soft and loving personality. When she first got there, Randy was concerned that she wasn’t making the progress he wanted to see. After our family went and visited her at the end of the first month of training, she had become a different dog. She listens very well, has a tremendous desire to retrieve, and is an all around good dog. Randy laid a perfect foundation for exactly what I want to do with her, and that is to hunt ducks and geese. She listens to my family and friends around the house as well. Randy was able to find the perfect balance between her drive to retrieve and her obedience training. He exposed her to live birds, gunfire, ecollars, and all that goes into waterfowl hunting. Not only did he do that, but he did it in a very positive way. He never did anything that was negative to my dog. He praises her constantly and builds her up, which increases her desire to want to do it. He was able to take a very soft dog and transform her into my hunting and every day buddy. I can’t thank him enough for the work and time that he put in. I would recommend anyone that wants a solid hunting dog or even just a good obedient house dog to allow Randy the opportunity to train your dog. I can’t wait to see the lifetime of my dog unfold as she is only ten months old now! He did a wonderful job with a young and soft dog and can do that with your dog as well!

Tyler Eckels and family

Patience‚ Praise‚ Partnership & Preservation of spirit-

I got Kuda as a puppy to be primarily our family companion‚ but he showed a natural talent and great love for all things looked for in a hunting retriever. As a total "newbie" to the hunt test and field trial world- but a committed, "hands on" owner that finds utter joy in watching this dog work- sending him off to a trainer was not a consideration. I needed as much training as the dog. In looking for help with the delivery-to-hand, I came across Randy and Michelle Jones. After reading the comments by others about Saabi- Sil Retrievers and their involvement in promoting NEPA Delta Waterfowl Youth activities, I sent an email that outlined what I was looking for and what my goals were. I knew Randy was the right trainer for us from his initial response to my inquiry. His willingness to share his insights and expertise and to show and teach me methods and various approaches to reach our goal was beyond my expectations. Randy’s calm approach quickly won my dog’s cooperation and his use of praise built Kuda’s confidence so that he quickly learned and accepted the new tasks. Randy tailored an approach for us that was based on his accurate assessment of what would enable Kuda to learn without over-challenging him. And just as importantly, Randy outlined a simple program for me to follow that I could adjust as I needed based on our progress. Through email and text updates, Randy celebrated our progress and accomplishments and offered suggestions if I had a question. Randy and Michelle are a great team and the comments others have shared are one thing that can be believed on the internet. I want to add my own recommendation for Saabi Sil Retrievers to them. At this point, I have no idea where our journey will take us into this new world.

Thank you, Randy, for helping to nurture my partnership with Kuda, and for honoring my goal to preserve our spirits and mutual joy as we travel down this road.
Sara Wright

Dear Randy, I’m writing to let you know how happy I am that I found you to train Jager. When you search for a trainer online it’s difficult to know that you are going to get the things that you see and read on a pretty web page. As a dog owner you not only look for a qualified trainer and good training areas, you also want someone who will care for your dog properly. I can’t say enough about all three things, the training was top notch, the areas were everything shown on your website and the care and accommodations were second to being home. I felt that you and Michelle were very engaged and treated Jager like he was your own dog. We are both looking forward to coming back for advanced training in April. I would highly recommend Saabi-Sil to anyone looking for training and do not hesitate to give my cell number to anyone wanting a reference.

Thanks, Bob Penrod

Randy is very personable and understands the needs of each owner, and how each dog is different. Missy was obedient trained and a started retriever when I dropped her off. In two months, Randy had turned her into a different dog. She now is running blinds like a finished lab. "W" drills on water, being able to pull her off one bumper and direct her to another like she’s done it for years. She is more confident, and won’t give up until she finds the bird. Like I’ve stated above, in just a short time, Missy has mastered the necessities that make a dog a true pleasure to have in the blind. Currently I am working her in different hunting situations in order to make her more confident. The ease in which you impart your wisdom, makes the learning process a very rewarding one. I am very pleased I had the opportunity to work with you and reiterate from both a personal and professional perspective how much fun I had. Thanks for all your insight.

I recommend your services for anyone looking for a well trained dog

-Ryan Smith, Dover, DE

Randy and Michelle Jones (Saabi-Sil Retrievers)

I would be remiss if I did not send you a letter of appreciation for the amazing job you guys did with Chops, my year and half black lab. Prior to finding you guys I had chops working with another trainer. The results were lack luster and I came to terms that Chops would be a great house dog and not a partner in the field. Chops came from solid Irish and English gun dog stock, and the breeder was shocked she was not excelling in her training.

I did my research and found you guys. Upon speaking to Randy I knew I found my new trainer. I loved the fact that Randy and Michelle only take a small number of dogs and treat them like they are their own, in a house setting. The training days were often in depth and very hands on, no doubt making myself a better handler.

Upon completion of the three month training Chops is a completely different dog. Chops matured tenfold, and her social skills as well. The aforementioned are just an added benefit. You guys brought out all of Chop’s talent and to say the least she is amazing. I can’t believe the skills and discipline you guys instilled in her. Not a day goes by that I don’t get compliments on her skills and behavior when doing drills out in public. I can’t thank you guys enough, and without a doubt I will bring Chops back to you guys for advanced training.

Sincerely, John F. Crescio

Randy and Michelle Jones (Saabi-Sil Retrievers)

"We are super excited about Willy's progress. I can’t thank Michelle & Randy enough for all their hard work & dedication to Willy’s training. You really exceeded our expectations! Big things are going to come from Willy, watch out!! I highly recommend Saabi Sil Retrievers, it is the place to go if you want the "ultimate" hunting dog!


Randy is always willing to share his great knowledge & understanding of dogs & is always available to answer questions or make suggestions. His training methods are very thorough & easy to follow. Randy is a dedicated professional & is truly a dog’s best friend. We look forward to a continued relationship in the future. " Thanks again.

Sincerely, Tom & Amy Heron


Many years ago, I brought home two Labrador Retrievers in the hope of taking up duck hunting. Through unfortunate circumstances, neither could hunt. Though we kept them as family pets, you can imagine my disappointment. In August, 2012 we purchased a puppy and named him Molson. The pressure to "get it right" this time was intense. After speaking with several trainers, I knew I found "my guy" when I spoke with Randy Jones of Saabi-Sil Retrievers. He was knowledgeable, friendly and willing to put up with a call or two about basics even before we sent him the dog. In January, 2013 we took seven month old Molson to the home of Randy and Michelle Jones. Upon our arrival, I noticed something remarkably different from other retriever training facilities: the dogs all lived in the house.

During the first week, I contacted Randy and he told me Molson was settling into the routine but not yet liking the training. "Not to worry" Randy said, "the first week is always an adjustment time for the dogs." Nevertheless, based on my past history with two labs unable to retrieve, I was worried.

About one week later, I received a text message with a picture from Randy Š Molson had learned a single retrieve about ten yards out. WOW! I could hardly contain my excitement as I showed the video to everyone I knew like a new father handing out cigars. Each week we received updates as to Molson’s steady progress. By the eighth week, Molson was doing doubles, "T" drills and retrieves well over 200 yards long. Even more impressive was how steady he sat waiting to hear his name commanded to retrieve the decoy. Molson was encouraged to learn at a pace he could accept and the structure provided by their program pushed him to achieve the long term goals that had been set for him.

After about five to six weeks of training, the really difficult test was about to begin for Saabi-Sil: Randy had to train me (a novice) to handle the dog. I started making visits to be involved in Molson’s training. They were as patient with me as they were with Molson, perhaps even more. Through patience and a few laughs, I am learning to handle the dog and keep up his training after he returns home in April.

On each visit, I noticed subtle signs of how the dogs behaved. Despite the long training, the number of dogs in the house and the competition between them, the dogs seemed genuinely comfortable. Randy and Michelle had provided a warm, loving home to each dog in their care. It amazed me how much attention and affection each dog received Š both as a pack and individually. Yet Randy and Michelle remained true to their training methods and firm in their command of the dogs Š both as a pack and individually. Even more telling about their training program was that the dogs were responsive and obedient but still maintained their individual personalities. Simply stated, the dog had become a retriever without having his personality "broken." At this point, I am truly pleased with MolsonÕs current progress and I am even more excited about the bright expectations for his retrieving future.

For anyone who thinks I am overstating the case about our experience with Saabi-Sil Retrievers, I offer the following evidence as testament to my most heartfelt thanks. First, I referred a friend to bring her Labradoodle to Saabi-Sil for a one month stint in basic obedience. Second, and perhaps more telling, I have purchased yet another puppy. Her training begins with Saabi-Sil when she turns six months old.

Overall, I cannot put into words how happy we are with Randy and Michelle’s training program nor can I sufficiently express my gratitude for their hospitality and loving care of my pup Molson. I would recommend Saabi-Sil Retrievers to anyone looking for either basic obedience or for a started gun dog.

Robert M. Smith

Randy and Michelle Jones (Saabi-Sil Retrievers)

This past weekend I dropped Gamble off at Saabi Sil for 2 months of advanced gun dog training to supplement the 3 month basic program he went through last year. Though it is tough to go weeks at a time without seeing my buddy, I am comforted knowing he is in the best place he could possibly be. The fact that the Jones’s bring him into their home and accept him as part of their family during training should tell you how they feel about customers dogs. Randy and Michelle’s obvious love for the dogs they train is what sold me on Saabi Sil Retrievers.

In our training session on drop off day Randy fixed two things I had been battling for weeks in about 15 minutes. Randy is able to see things from the dogs perspective and has coached me to try and think that way. When Randy told me that it would be harder to train me than it would be to train Gamble he wasnÕt kidding. A Ferrari is no good without a competent driver! Fortunately Randy is incredibly gracious with his time and has been willing to train me and Gamble together on many occasions.

Our first hunting season together was a blast. The fact that Gamble had been introduced to all different types of hunting scenarios by Randy paid major dividends. Though we had our less than perfect moments (which Randy prepared me to expect from a 9 month old dog) Gamble picked up about 40 ducks in all different hunting scenarios. There really is no better feeling in hunting than a sound retrieve from a dog that you have invested so much time (and a little bit of money) into. I am thrilled with our progress and excited to see what the future will bring. I honestly do not think I could have made a better decision than Saabi Sil Retrievers.

Sincerely, Ted Nelson




 Two years ago I purchased an 8 week old Labrador retriever puppy. With the hopes of having my next great hunting dog I was in Search of a good trainer to get me there. A google search of the nearest trainers on the East Coast led me to Randy Jones. With in an hour of leaving a message for Randy he returned my call. He immediately recognized my pups blood line and informed me it would be the best hunting dog I ever owned. Over 2 hours on the phone with a man who I just met on line. Rite then and there I knew he had a major passion for dog training and this is the guy I want to train my pup. He informed me of what I had to do to get the pup ready for formal training when he was of age (6-8 months) old. With numerous phone call in the up coming weeks to make sure I was doing rite. Randy made the decision its was best for me to train my dog alone. My first reaction was shock and disbelief he didn't want to take my pup. He saw something in me that at the time I was blind to. I had a passion as deep as his.
Any other money hungry trainer would have taken my pup but not Randy I will for ever be grateful for the decision he made for me he advised me he would offer any help he could a long the way and he did with hold, force fetch, pattern blinds and swimby. He always answered my request! Well 2 years have gone by my pup has over 203 wild retrievers of ducks pheasant and geese and a AKC JR hunter title wall possible with Randy help. Thanks again Randy your are truly an honest and passionate dog man!




 Over two years ago my husband and I agreed to adopt an 18 month old, male, labradoodle whose owners couldn’t give him the time he needed. Finn was a 110 pound, undisciplined, mass of blond curls. With much exercise and a basic obedience class he became better but was still difficult to handle. I have owned many dogs over the years but I have never had one as stubborn and headstrong as Finn. His size and strength were an added difficulty. I knew he could be a wonderful companion animal but I couldnÕt get him there. A friend had sent his young Labrador Retriever to Randy and Michelle for retriever training. He recommended I send Finn to them for basic obedience, which I did. The pressure of training was hard on Finn. Although he attempts to be a dominate male, he is not very brave.

Randy and Michelle’s training program was perfect for him. They provided steady discipline in a warm and loving environment. The dogs are not relegated to a kennel, but live with Randy and Michelle in their home. They are aware of the differences in each dog so they individualize training to best suit them. When we picked Finn up after his training session was completed, we were trained by Randy and Michelle in their training methods so we could continue what they had begun. Finn returned home after five weeks with a solid foundation in obedience. He is trained to both the leash and the e-collar. Using the e-collar I can train him safely off lead and Finn comes happily to the collar. Randy and Michelle are always available to provide encouragement and advice. I continue to enjoy training Finn and watching his progress. I could not recommend Randy and Michelle more highly. They are excellent trainers and your dog couldnÕt be in better hands.

Melanie VanderMeer


This is Sassy a 5 year old female. Sassy came to use with very little hunting experience.
Randy and Michelle,
  What a long ride it was. We returned home from our trip to Saskatchewan Monday evening. I am waiting for some pictures from some of the other hunters to share with you, but I wanted to get off a short note and tell you how it went.

  I hunted Sassie on small lakes and ponds over decoys with two other hunters besides myself. Her performance could not have been better. She was very quiet and attentive in the blind, steady to wing and shot and very enthisiastic when she was sent for a mark. She had a new experience of having to swim through about twenty feet of flooded trees and and downed sticks, but with some encouragement she figured it out and retrieved over a dozen ducks for us in that setting. She also had her first experience of swimming down a few cripples which she handled like an old pro.

   My hunters could not believe that she was performing as she was with only three months of formal training. It is a testimony to your abilities as professional trainers. Thank you VERY much for the effort you gave when Sassie was in your care this summer. I am looking forward to bringing her back to you next Spring for additional "polish". I believe with your help, the sky is the limit for how great she will finish!!!
Best regards, Michael F Boland

Randy and Michelle
I want to take this time to thank you for making my dog buying experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Right from the first email to right now you have wasted no time getting back to me on even the smallest questions. You opened your home to me and my family for as long as we wanted on more than one occasion allowing us to get a feel for the litter. "Tuesday" is the name we gave our female black lab. At 8 weeks old we picked her up and were completely amazed at how well she did with potty training, showing us that you took the time to prep her for the move. She has settled into her routine now and I can't get over how bright she is and how quick she is to pick up on new training techniques. I loved watching you work with Tuesday's mom, Silhouette- it is obvious that you have cared for and trained your dogs well. It is hoped that with a little work some day we will get there, too. I also have to mention how reassuring the health guarantee is. Knowing that you took the time to breed out the problems that big dogs are prone to is a major reason why I went with you. I know there are exceptions to every rule but with a pedigree free of hip eye and elbow problems I can rest easy knowing Tuesday has the best chance for a long, happy, and healthy life.
Thanks again Jason Mocyk, family, and Tuesday.


Randy and Michelle,
We wanted to follow up to express our appreciation for all you have done in working with us in the training of our lab, Jett. Jett came to you with only basic obedience training and offered you the challenge to transform his reluctance to retrieve. You took Jett into your program and treated him as your own. Your professionalism and skill developed Jett into an enthusiastic bird dog with an eagerness to retrieve. In addition to the training you provided Jett, you also took time and patience to provide us with training in handling him both with his training and in the field. What sets you apart is that the training relationship with your customer and their dog does not end when payment is made and the dog is sent home. We appreciate all you have done, and continue to do, to provide us with an impressive hunting companion.
Sincerely, Bruce and Colette Mellott
Here is Libby and Zelda during one of their training sessions with some ringneck pheasant,

Hey Randy and Michelle,
   I just wanted to write to thank you for all that you have done to help us with our two girls. When we went to get a puppy, we did not intend to come home with two, but who could resist Zelda’s big brown eyes. In the beginning we did not think having a 5 year old lab and two 3 month old labs were too hard, but man were we wrong. By seven months old they owned us. They were not listening to any of our on leash and off leash training, they were not coming when called and they were just taking over our household. We knew something had to be done.

   So after a lot of research, we found your website. When I spoke to you on the phone I knew your place would be the perfect place, even though it was 2.5 hours away. When we dropped the girls off I felt comfortable and knew the girls would get on track with you two as their leaders. We were so amazed when we came just four weeks later to pick them up. They did more then just grow, they flourished. We were in shock watching them walk by your side on and off leash. They were following all the basic and some non-basic commands. They were able to track the smell of pheasant and retrieve the different bumpers and birds. They constantly looked to you for the next direction.

It has been a few weeks and the girls are still just as behaved as the day they left. We especially appreciated the one on one training demonstration you gave us when we picked the girls up. That gave us the confidence we needed to be their leaders. You continue to keep in contact with us and answer questions we have regarding their training. We received so much more then we ever expected from their time with you. We hosted a party last week and people could not believe how well behaved our two 9 month old Labradors were around all the people. They are like new dogs.

We continue to follow your training plan that you gave us and look forward to the next time they come train with you in the near future. They love the retrieving games we play, they listen to our commands, and they are great on the leash. We honestly could not be happier with the choice we made. Feel free to use us as a reference in the future.

Thank you both for all your hard work and dedication. Our lives are so much easier and calmer.
Thank you and we will be seeing you soon, Chris, Patrice and family.


 If you're looking for a top-quality trainer and breeder of retreivers, please do not hesitate to contact Randy and Michelle Jones of Saabi Sil Retreivers . Randy's extensive knowledge of retreiver training is second to none and MIchele's obedience training is second to none.
  Together they created a top-quality lab pup for me, which I rescued and had no idea of it's genetics. Not only are they great trainers, they will bring your dog into their home with their own personal dogs and give them the food and care they would give their own. They are top-quality people that I am proud to call friends and I will not hesitate to purchase a pup and have them train it in the future.


Randy Jones
Michelle Jones

Randy: 570-690-7472
Michelle: 570-690-0006
1013 Meeker Road Dallas PA 18612

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